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Much of the land in developed countries has been forced into productivity for centuries through harsh and aggressive fertilizer application. Unfortunately, the same practice that destroyed the lands in developed countries have been exported blindly into the developing world resulting in even the worse negative effects because of lack of education and technical know-how in the use of chemical fertilizers. The Green Revolution in the 1950’s and 1960’s which turned many countries into food self-sufficiency has left lands completely “burnt” and intolerable for any plants. The soil has lost its “life”, original richness, beauty and productivity. These soils are not sustainable and therefore cannot support families, communities and subsequent generations. Natural humic acid and fulvic base products are essential for restoring the originality of these soils and creating sustainable agriculture that will support families and communities for centuries as it was before the dawn of modern farming. Natural Nutri RX’s products were created with sustainability in mind and thus will restore soil pH, original richness, beauty and productivity. They will restore “life” or microorganisms in the soil which are essential for sustainable agriculture. These organic fulvic acid and humic acid products have been shown to synergize with chemical fertilizers, by improving the utilization of nutrients present and reducing the negative effects of over application of chemical fertilizers. They remediate and synergize all benefits through nitrogen and mineral chelation, water retention and promotion of nutrient absorption.

What Is The Basis For Natural Nutri RX’s Sustainable Agricultural Programs?

  • Natural Nutri RX’s humic acids and fulvic acids are extracted from completely natural deposits that have been buried away for well over 80 million years. Thus, Natural Nutri RX’s raw humic acid and liquid fulvic acid have been registered with the USDA for use in organic food production. Many generations have enjoyed the health benefits of using humic acid products for their soil regenerative properties. Adding humic acid to soils brings in a balance of natural minerals (over 77 of them) that are essential for microbial and plant life.
  • The presence of natural plant biostimulants and natural trace minerals in humic acids ultimately increase the productivity of all plants and the quality of the food is very nutritious, thus supporting a healthy life style.

Humic Acids And Fulvic Acids Soil Remediation System

  • Humic acids and fulvic acids are 100% natural products used in agriculture to increase crop yield and plant productivity.
  • Humic acids and fulvic acids are ubiquitous (i.e. found everywhere on the surface of the earth since the beginning of time) and therefore are safe, friendly and compatible with humans tissues, animals tissues and the environment. 
  • Humic acids and fulvic acids are compatible with all chemical applications currently used on the farm. In fact, they improve the efficiency of chemical fertilizers, while maintaining soil microbial life and sustainability. 
  • By using Natural Nutri RX’s products, the soil remains sustainable and will continue to provide for families and communities for many generations.
  • Natural Nutri RX’s humic acid products could be used to create new and productive soils where the land was otherwise semi-arid or completely unproductive.
  • Using Natural Nutri RX’s products will permit farmers to introduce new natural varieties of crops into new lands.
  • Natural Nutri RX’s humic acid based products will increase the rate of breakdown of crop residue, turning it into humus which is beneficial for the soil. This reduces soil over “heating” and increases microbial life.
  • Farmers in the U.S. have recognized the desalination properties of Natural Nutri RX’s humic acid products and have used them to reclaim damaged soils. These soils are often over-farmed through endless use of the same chemical fertilizers year after year.
  • One very seldom over applies humic and fulvic acids. The more humic acid products you use, the better the soil life and crop yields. However, for the sake of cost, Natural Nutri RX has proposed some application rates that will maximize yields and retain the originality and sustainability of the soil.

Natural Nutri RX’s Agriculture Humic Acid, Liquid 

All-natural humic acid with natural trace minerals. Use at 1 gallon with the required amount of water per acre in normal soils. However, the more sandy the soil, the higher the amount of humic acid needed. Also, new soils with very little organic matter may require more humic acid. Use 2-3 times per crop season. For smaller plot sizes, use 1.2 oz in 1 gallon of water to water the plants, flowers, etc.


All-Natural Agriculture Fulvic Acid

U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Canadian, Japanese and European Union Organic Food Programs registered fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is sometimes called the natural growth “hormone” of plants because it’s ability to stimulate dormant crops and plants to start growing. It promotes root growth, makes plants resilient to stress and disease and promotes blooms in flowers. Use 32 oz with the required amount of water for foliar application to an acre of crop. For greenhouses and house plants, dilute 1 tablespoon in 32 oz of water and use as a spray on the plants. For hydroponics, use 20 to 25 drops per gallon of solution. Use at the same rate for root growth in hydroponics. Use once during the growing season of crops and once a month in greenhouses and house plants.


  • Increases the nutrient holding capacity of soil (Cation Exchange Capacity) 
  • Serves as a pool of natural minerals for plants 
  • Chelates (binds) nutrients, making them available to plants. 
  • Serves as food for soil organisms (from bacteria to worms). These organisms hold onto nutrients and release them to plants.
Optimum health for all life!!!


We can supply your specific requirements

We stock 3 types of Humic and Fulvic powder.

• 1/4 ” particle size – Dairy cows

• 1-2mm particle size – Chicken, pigs and horses

 • 10 microns- Crops

• Liquid Fulvic acid- Crops

Starting at 45p per pound


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