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Use Humic or Fulvic in your health spa as part of a facial, body therapy or luxurious bath. Be a leader when it comes to new innovations in chronic skin conditions, exfoliation, pain and inflammation as well as perfecting general skin condition , rehydration, acne and black heads. Do you wish to create your own skin care brand for rejuvenation or anti-aging . SAMPLES AVAILABLE.


Are you a Healthcare practitioner or suffer yourself from a debilitating illness or chronic condition? Contact us to find out the many tried and tested ways Humic and Fulvic acid can help you. 3rd party tested, COA , Kosher and Organic USDA certification. You can be sure you are using grade A humates which are currently being used around the world by doctors, hospitals and leading healthcare professionals , pharmaceuticals and leading Humate brands internationally.


Are you dedicated to sports and health and need to be top of your game? Increase performance time, lean muscle mass, reduce lactic acid build up or need a healthy alternative to creatine? Increase oxygen and recovery times. Build bone density and increase cellular repair. SAMPLES AVAILABLE


The possibilities are endless when it comes to your white label or formulation ideas for health. Incapsulating, tablets, suppositories, sports drinks and luxury high spec formulations for high end markets or the professional athlete you can be sure we meet all heath and safety standards, far surpassing other suppliers when it comes to certification, 3rd party testing, affiliations and potency of product. Create your own white label products and one of the first to create a unique supplement using a quality Humate that is used and trusted by leading health care professionals and manufacturers internationally. Contact us with your business ideas and we would be happy to assist.


Humates are an accessible raw material that can be used in agriculture and animal husbandry in the form of a humate drink or dry feed as a source of mineral and organic substances for growth stimulation. Humates have long been used as folk remedies for a wide variety of illnesses. Only in recent years has serious research investigated this natural material from the soil. These humates are a part of soil humus and play an important role in the living organism. Modern farming practices have stripped the soil of its humus and no replacements have been used. The humic substances have not been appreciated and as a result not addressed in fertilizing practices. Today, our soils are low on these humic substances and as a result animals and man are not receiving adequate amounts in our normal diet. Research has indicated that when soil humus percentages fall below 2%, the soil cannot provide sufficient quantities of humic materials into the crops grown for the amounts needed by the living organism. This paper reviews those roles that the humic materials play in our lives. SAFETY Humate is a safe material and exists in all soils, plants and animals. Various Humate Substances are available for ongoing research into the medical and scientific capabilities of humate substances . Find out how we can assist.


Are you passionate about soil depletion and the need for soil remediation or organic farming? Do you want the best out of your lawn, garden, fruits and vegetables and care about nutrient density improved output, colour and growth. Are you a medicinal herb farmer and chelation of radioactive isotopes and heavy metals as well a full organic mineral profile is of top priority? Increase hydrophobic qualities, yield and crop quality. Increase microbial abundance, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur, carbon as well as many other trace elements within the soil. Be in synergy with nature and give back to the soil what has been stripped out for so long using pure organic bioavailable food for the earth.


Be at the cutting edge and open to experimenting. Japan already years ahead uses Fulvic acid in the Japanese art of presenting food, moritsuke in high end restaurants using modern healthy cuisine as a delicate flavour enhancer sprinkled sparingly on fish having an acidic lemony flavour. Used also in beverage recipes both hot and cold. Best of all you will be using the highest quality available, with organic nutritional benefits and properties using ultra fine fulvic acid or Humic acid powder or liquid. Only a small amount is needed to make an impact on the senses. SAMPLES AVAILABLE


Whether your a breeder of animals or fish, A pet lover who wants their pet in tip top health. Look know further than Humic and fulvic acid. Proven benefits in mortality rates and reproduction, fertility, chronic health conditions, resistance from free radicals from modern day environmental causes and pollution. As well as second to none toxin binding capabilities with heavy metals and glyphosate's. Increase bone and hoof strength, strengthen digestion and nutrient absorption as well as increasing longevity and performance. Choose your particle size that is appropriate for the animal, mix in feed or water or make your own nutrient dense food pellets. Amazing benefits for ALL life!!! SAMPLES AVAILABLE



Aqua+ and our associated products are created using a unique powder supplement infused with 100% concentration of Fulvic and Humic minerals. We are proud to also be one of the few companies who use only USDA Organic, Halal and Kosher Certified Humic and Fulvic acid powder. We are also members of the International Humic Substances Society (IHSS), Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA),


Our Humic & Fulvic is harvested from a pristine area of Northwest New Mexico known as the Fruitland Formation – an incredibly vast and unique area that was once a large Cretaceous estuary where fresh and saltwater met. The conditions here were ideal for incredibly rich and abundant plant life to thrive. More so, it allowed for a multitude of different plant species to prosper when they couldn’t at any other location on Earth. The soils of the Fruitland Formation developed a rare and bountiful blend of phytonutrients and a full-spectrum mineral and element composition. Over time, these soils became the present-day nutrient-rich humate deposit unsurpassed by any other in the world, being one of the purest, both high in molecular oxygen 45% and carbon 55%.


We extract our raw material from the Earth with care to protect delicate molecule structures, maintain mineral content, and avoid potentially dangerous chemical contaminants and by-products. This is achieved through mechanical grinding and pure water extraction. Once the extraction process is completed we then cover up to recreate new soil which is mixed with the humic and has the best characteristics for the plants and the grass than the old semi-arid soils. These locations were once deep oceans about 80 million years ago. The aquatic plants were buried when the Rocky mountains were created through volcanic activity.


All of our ingredients are tested for identity, purity, heavy metals, mineral concentrations, and microbial contamination.


Humic and Fulvic supplies full-spectrum macro, micro, and trace minerals to help you fill in any gaps and rebalance your mineral levels for optimal cellular function.


  • Reducing inflammation
  • Enhancing healing
  • Boosting immune system function
  • Helping the body correct  and prevent cellular mutations
  • Oxygenating & alkalising the body
  • Detoxification (chlorine/heavy metals etc)
  • Healing digestive tract disorders
  • Minimising allergic reactions
  • Improving breathing/lung conditions and asthma
  • Helps fight parasite infestations


  • Increases energy/energizes cells
  • Increases oxygen absorption
  • Helps convert sugars into energy
  • Provides natural electrolytes
  • Boosts natural functions/defenses
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Balances hormones
  • Restores electro chemical balances
  • Boosts enzyme production
  • Stimulates/rebuilds immune system
  • Helps regulate body weight


Dr Mir refers to Humic and Fulvic and its brilliance to its synergistic action together to create  


different keys to open up almost  an infinite amount of possibilities  to interact (react) to open up many pathways for repairing, adapting and binding.




Rebbecca obtained her double Bsc(hons) degrees in Herbal Medicine /Phyto-chemistry and Nutritional science from the University of East London .She has practiced Naturopathic medicine for the last 11 years and also has training in Functional and Biological testing and analysis.
Talk to Rebbecca about all the ways Humic and fulvic can benefit you or your business, whether it's related to health, beauty/spa, pharmaceuticals, parasite infestation, professional sports, animals, farming or agricultural needs. She is the the person who can advise on the diverse uses of Humic and fulvic

Through her comprehensive expertise, research and first hand experience on the various applications of Humic and Fulvic substances for over 8 years in relation to Human and animal health.

She has a loyal international following, and is a trusted voice in the miraculous benefits of Humates and a member of The Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) and International Humic Substances Society (IHSS).


Michael has been in retail and sales for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge within sales, negotiation and training. The go to person for information on distribution, wholesale and all related aspects including reseller opportunities.

We  can support your business growth by supplying highly-efficient grade A Organic Humic products. 

Take advantage of more competitive prices and freshly produced products. Michael will support you through the order processing and can even advise on your labelling and packaging . Get to know more about our products and how to communicate them to your customers to guarantee a higher success. – For Reseller Program you need to fulfill a Minimum Order Quantity of 1 lb (456g) of our black fulvic powder or other equivalent.
Whether an established health care professional or a sole proprietor, white label can offer a fast easy way to supply superior quality product to the people you serve at competitive prices


Finally lost weight

After years 3 children I'd put on so much weight, from 9 1/2 stone to 11 stone, nothing would shift it, and my energy was so low. Tried everything from diet and exercise to Chinese herbal teas and nothing truly worked. I was introduced to phyto-minerals humic and fulvic acid and within 3 months I'd dropped back down to my ideal weight again, this is with no exercise or diet changes, and just after 5 days of taking my energy levels and clarity of head had changed remarkably and have managed to keep weight off 4 years down the line to date. I will never stop using it, and now my whole family takes it, even the hubby who notices his energy levels are so much better, If we have a break we always notice the difference and go back on it and gain all our energy levels back again. Thanks for introducing us to such a wonderful product. Nicola.L 15/04/21

4 years of adding this incredible product into our families diet

I initially took this in pregnancy 4 years ago when my iron was very low and I was weeks away from birthing, and trying everything in my power to raise my levels. Taking this along with all supplements and herbs helped the absorption of everything I was supplementing into my body really really fast, my midwife couldn’t believe that I was able to get my levels up so quickly. She said that would normally take months what i did in 6 weeks. Also Every time my daughter feels on the brink of getting sick we add this to smoothies for her. It really helped get my oxygen levels up when I was down with a respiratory virus a year ago too, we can’t be without it, now we buy a large quantity each time . It's really magical stuff and the purest you'll find. Hayley 03/08/22

Love this stuff!

I absolutely love this product! I cannot believe the energy I have gained over the last few months. This was also part of my parasite cleanse and oh my what an excellent product for getting them nasties out. I had gallbladder area pain, but my gallbladder was removed 10 yrs ago. I have expelled numerous parasites in a few short months & "yes" Read more about I absolutely love this product! I he gallbladder pain is gone! I will not be without my humic & fulvic! Kim 06/02/21

Fulvic and Humic powder

I’ve been drinking the fulvic acid all day every day under Becca’s guidance as part of a detox program for the past 5 weeks to get rid of parasites. I’ve had so many skin problems and things are getting weaker or totally wiped out. I only have Epstein Barr & leishmaniasis now. I originally had about 10 different parasites, borrelia, candida, urea plasma, trichonomads and all wiped out since fulvic. Helen T 08/26/21

Great results

My baby was around 3 months old when she started vomiting after feeding, the doctor advised that it might be a bug and prescribed antibiotics, I was apprehensive to give to my daughter as I'm aware they destroy the gut bacteria which can leave you more prone to catching more bugs, I was introduced to humic and fulvic minerals and was told to give the tiniest amount in water about 15 mins before feeding . within a day all vomiting had stopped and was able to hold down her food, I now always keep a jar for any issues concerning belly aches for my children and works every time.

Humic and Fulvic acid

So pleased to have found this amazing compound, I’ve been taking it daily for the last twelve months and am the only person I know that hasn’t been ill, not even a cold. I take it daily mixed in a litre of distilled water, taste is good. It’s good to know I have no mineral deficiency’s and feel great 💯 Thank you Rebbecca 🙏 Rooster 03/04/22 I now always keep a jar for any issues concerning belly aches for my children and works every time. Great stuff! Sophia 12/12/20

Fantastic Fulvic

Marvellous minerals - I really love this precious powder as there is no weird tastes to overcome. I use daily in my morning drink of warm water before breakfast to obtain better absorption, and I top up through out the day too. I love the fact the PH levels keep my body in check - everything Rebecca said about taking the black fulvic powder has really improved my health Diana 26/01/22

Humic and fulvic

Never turned back since using this. So amazing. Been using it for 5 years on and off. Thanks it's a life saver. Gurdip 15/03/20

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